Debunking 4 Misconceptions About Bedbugs

Bedbugs have become a growing problem in many parts of the world, leaving people in fear about these creepy crawlies. However, much of the panic around bedbugs arises from misconceptions about these critters that have been ingrained into public consciousness. Learn more on the subject by knowing four commonly held misconceptions about bedbugs and getting…

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Your Guide to Rodent Infestation

Pests are incredibly common, but rodents can pose a huge problem because they may carry a variety of diseases. If you would like to know more about rodent infestations, keep reading. What Attracts Rodents? Like any living animal, rodents need food, water, and shelter. Your home automatically provides shelter, so make sure the home is…

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Do You Have an Infestation of Drain Flies?

Numerous tiny flying pests may invade your home in Florida. Many of these quickly multiply due to the warm, moist conditions Florida weather offers. One of these pests is a small, fuzzy insect often found in your bathrooms or laundry room. If you see this, you may have an infestation of drain flies. What are…

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5 Types of Cockroaches That Can Invade Your Home

Cockroaches are common household pests that can be difficult to eradicate. The pests can cause damage and even spread diseases. Many types of cockroaches exist, and knowing the type that has invaded your home is important. Here are the main types of cockroaches. 1. German Cockroach The German cockroach has a torpedo shape with a…

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3 Questions to Ask About a Silverfish Infestation


Silverfish are one of the oldest insect species in existence today. Many homeowners struggle with silverfish infestations because these insects can be difficult to spot. A silverfish is a small, wingless insect that moves very quickly across any surface. Most silverfish only emerge at night, which explains why homeowners may not see these bugs until…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Spider Infestations

Florida has a rich and varied ecosystem, including several species of spiders. Although these arachnids generally focus on capturing and eating insects, they often trigger fear and revulsion among humans. Some spiders can even cause physical harm through their painful, toxic bites. Fortunately, you can get a nagging spider infestation under control once you understand…

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Myths About Pest Control

magnify glass looking at bugs

Household pests are an age-old problem and one of the most common problems for homeowners. Even so, misinformation still exists about pest attraction to certain areas and how to get rid of them. Pests can spread disease and aggravate allergy symptoms, so you should know what is fact or fiction when it comes to pests.…

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Considerations for Pest Control

Pest Control

As a homeowner, you must control pests that infest your home or risk diseases, structural damages, litter, awful smells, and property degradation. Pests can be devastating if left to procreate and spread to different areas of your home. Luckily, scientists are always devising new methods of pest control, and you do not need to tolerate…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rat Infestations

Rat Infestation FAQs

Even if you love domesticated rodents as much as any other animal, you may not find much to love about an infestation of wild rats in your Florida home. These creatures breed rapidly, chew through critical parts of your home, and can spread some alarming diseases to you and your houseguests. Fortunately, you can conquer…

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6 Common Household Pests And How They Invade Florida Homes

Common household pests

The tropical climate of Florida is ideal for insect pests of all shapes and sizes. And when conditions are right, insect pests like ants, spiders, and ticks invade homes. Insect infestations can be difficult to eradicate indoors. The key to avoiding an infestation is to understand why insect pests invade homes in the first place.…

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