An Invasion of Little Lizards Could Mean Your Home Has a Pest Problem

When you live in Florida, you know it’s common to see lizards everywhere. You may not pay them much attention when they’re outside crawling on your plants, but when lizards suddenly show up inside your home, you might be alarmed. When there’s an uptick of lizards in your home, that lets you know your house has gaps somewhere that let in other bugs too.

Since lizards eat small bugs, more lizards in your home often means you have a pest problem. Pest control treatments could help you control the number of lizards that get in your home by reducing the bugs they eat. While the small lizards may not be harmful, you probably don’t want them crawling over your walls, especially if you have a fear of them.

Here’s how a pest control company can help you control both lizards and bugs at the same time.

Find Where Lizards and Bugs Are Getting Inside

Lizards probably don’t want to infest your home. Instead, they follow bugs inside and then can’t figure out how to get back outdoors. An exterminator is familiar with likely areas on your home that can have cracks and gaps that let in bugs, rodents, and lizards. Sealing these gaps keeps out all kinds of pests.

Gaps can be filled with steel mesh or caulk. Holes might need to be covered with a metal patch. Sealing up your home is a pest control service your exterminator may offer that reduces the number of pests inside your home by forcing them to stay outside.

Treat Your Property With Pesticides

Pest control companies can treat both the inside and outside of your home with insecticides. These kill off bugs and reduce the food supply for lizards and other predators, such as spiders. You may or may not want pesticides used inside your home. You can discuss this option with the exterminator. In some cases, bait might be used rather than liquid pesticide. Bait is useful for killing ants, termites, and roaches.

The exterminator may determine the type of pest that’s attracting the lizards so the best pest control treatment can be used. You can fill confident pesticides are used safely when applied by a professional trained on how to apply them.

Recommend Home Repairs

A pest control company won’t make home repairs, but they’ll let you know the things you should do to keep from attracting the bugs that attract lizards.

For instance, you may need to have water-damaged areas repaired. Damp wood under the kitchen sink or condensation under the refrigerator could be responsible for drawing bugs to your kitchen. Other lifestyle changes, such as sealing food and decluttering might also help with pest control.

Try Repellents

If you don’t want to kill the lizards, consider trying repellents. Your exterminator might treat the outside of your home with repellent. Some contain chemicals that have a strong odor, while others are natural and safer to use. You might even try things like peacock feathers, eggshells, or hot sauce to keep lizards from entering your home.

Once inside, you may need to trap the lizards so you can toss them back outside. Lizards are quick and hard to catch though, so preventing them from coming inside is the best solution.

You may not want to do inhumane things like put out glue traps to catch lizards, so discuss your options with the exterminator. They might suggest reducing the food available for lizards, sealing entry holes, and then using repellents that keep the lizards out of your house.

If you’re noticing more lizards in your home and you suspect you have a pest problem, or if you just want the lizards gone, call Highland Pest Control. We’ll assess your problem and come up with a solution to rid your home of pests.