Lawn Services

There's nothing like the green, green grass of home... unless it has weeds or fire ants... or bugs.


Why treat your lawn?

A well maintained lawn is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s also good for the environment. A healthy lawn helps prevent erosion and runoff. Plus, it actually modifies the temperature.  We all know how hot the asphalt gets in the summer thanks to the sun, but grasses actually cool themselves when heated by the sun, which makes the surrounding areas a little cooler, too. And if you have allergies, healthy turf acts as a filter to help capture pollen, dust and other pollutants, in addition to filtering out carbon dioxide, grass also produces oxygen.

Quick Fact About Lawn

25 Sq. Ft. Amount Of Turf Needed For an Adult's Daily Oxygen

*Facts provided by Highland Pest Control, Inc. and American Pest databases.

Highland Pest Control Programs

Highland Pest Control, Inc. will customize a program to help you realize the results you want.  Prior to beginning any service, a qualified technician will visit your lawn and perform an analysis to determine which services will best suit your needs.  From insect control only, to fertilization of turf, trees and ornamentals, to fungus and anything in between, Highland Pest Control, Inc. will tailor a program to suit your needs.

We also treat and fertilize trees, hedges and ornamentals.

Bronze Package

Just the basics.

Insect control and a liquid fertilizer application 6 times per year.

Silver Package

Best on a budget.

This program includes insect control, liquid fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.

Gold Package

Perfect coverage.

Includes everything in both Bronze and Silver packages, plus fungicide.

Platinum Package

Top of the line!

Insect & weed control, fungicide, plus two liquid and two granular fertilizer applications annually.

Dealing with bugs and pest in your lawn?

We will diagnose the best solution for your unique needs