10 Things That Can Attract Pests to Your Home

Pests will thrive in an environment with sufficient shelter, water, and food. The presence of pests may cause damage to the property and reduce the value of your home. Some types of pests can also cause infections and diseases. Read on to discover some of the things that can attract pests to your home.

1. Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are a perfect environment for mosquitoes to live and breed. In fact, mosquitoes can thrive in an area as small as half an inch.

2. Garbage

Pests will find plenty of food and shelter in a pile of garbage. Pay special attention to the basement, garage, and attic since these areas tend to host a lot of clutter. Storage areas in your home often lead to garbage accumulation.

3. Dirty Dishes

When you fail to wash dishes after use, mice, silverfish, cockroaches, and flies will come to eat the food in the dishes. In addition, the dishes may pile up and hold still water. Fruit flies and drain flies love to live in the still water.

Also, if the water remains still for several days, then mosquitoes and other insects can lay eggs and breed in the water. Clean and rinse dishes immediately after every meal.

4. High Humidity

Cockroaches and other pests prefer humid spaces. Poor ventilation, dysfunctional drains, and leaky pipes can increase the humidity inside your home. The solution is to fix the broken drains or pipes and use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity in your home.

5. Poorly Maintained Landscaping

Overgrown shrubs and tall grass provide shelter and protection for pests in your yard. Most of these animals do not belong in your yard. You can overcome this problem by trimming shrubs and mowing the lawn frequently. Completely remove trees and shrubs to keep pests away.

6. Dirty Grill

Perhaps you prefer to cook and dine outdoors. Unfortunately, this meal preparation can leave residue and grease on your grill. The residue will attract rats, mice, and other pests. Consequently, always clean your grill after use to keep pests away.

7. Warmth

As temperatures drop in fall and winter, many pests will relocate to warmer spaces, like inside your home. For example, ladybugs and stink bugs in your yard will look for protected areas during the winter. Therefore, use pest control methods in dark and warm places in your home.

8. Unused Drains

Unused drains tend to hold some water and organic matter, such as soap, and are an ideal space for some pests. In particular, drain flies will use the slimy surface of the unused drains as a breeding ground.

9. Piles of Paper

Piles of unused papers in your home can attract pests. These papers contain cellulose that can be a source of food for pests such as cockroaches and silverfish. Store papers in an airtight area. You can also back up the information online and destroy the physical papers.

10. White Light Bulbs

Most insects can perceive three distinct colors: green, blue, and ultraviolet. So insects will move to spaces with lights that generate cool tones. If you use LED bulbs that produce blue or white light, then you should replace the bulbs with those that generate warm tones, such as yellow.

Get Rid of Pests

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