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Do you hear scurrying sounds overhead at night? You may have rodents living in your attic. Access may be gained through openings as small as the size of a quarter. Unchecked, their teeth may grow as long as 5 inches annually. To keep them short and sharp, rodents constantly gnaw on everything from wires, beams, building materials, and even food. Baiting and trapping are two methods of controlling the situation. A rodent proofing service is highly recommended to keep future infestations out. Call Highland Pest Control, Inc. to schedule an appointment for a representative to inspect your home or business.

House Mouse

Ordinarily, house mice live outdoors, but like many things, occasionally find their way indoors. Being shy, they live behind walls and in cabinets and furniture. They require very little food to survive and prefer grains, but will nibble on a variety of foods to survive. They don’t stray too far from home, usually only 10’ -30’.

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

Roof Rat

Their long tails help them balance, communicate and even regulate their body temperature. The tail length also helps us identify it as a roof rat.

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