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Lawn & Ornamental

A beautiful lawn doesn’t just happen! It requires a combination of the proper nutrients to make it grow, elimination of damaging pests, and products to help prevent disease. For a free lawn evaluation, call Highland Pest Control, Inc. We believe the grass should be greener on your side of the fence!

Chinch Bugs

Chinch Bugs feed on stems of warm season grasses, especially St. Augustine grass. Initial damage appears as small patches of dead grass, which grow larger as infestation progresses.

Scale Insects

Scales are sap-feeding insects that are typically round or oval in shape. Scales cause plant stress, stunted growth, and produce honeydew, which forms black sooty mold.

White Fly

Ficus and Spiraling White Fly are South Florida’s biggest ornamental and tree pest problem. Ficus White Fly has caused millions of dollars of damage to South Florida landscapes. Spiraling White Fly create honeydew, which creates a sticky black sooty mold under affected trees and shrubs.

Dollar Weed

One of the most common weeds in turf here in South Florida. Its round, about the size of a quarter, and green. Too much water is often the cause.


The brown patch in your grass may be a fungus. Several factors may contribute to its start and continued spread, including too little or too much moisture, weather conditions, or too much or the wrong type of fertilizer.


Like any living thing, your lawn and ornamentals also need proper nutrition to be healthy and to grow. “And since every lawn is different, we’ll do an analysis to determine what’s best for your turf and ornamentals``. Call us today to set up a free analysis and estimate.

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